Welcome to Fabric Wallcraft

Welcome to Fabric Wallcraft

Successfully providing our customers with an uncompromising attention to detail and design, while delivering the most professional customer service and workmanship, has made Fabric Wallcraft an industry leader in the installation of high end architectural finishes for over 30 years. Here at Fabric Wallcraft, we treat each of our projects, large or small, as if it were our first and last, our only job. Our clients put their money and trust in our ability to meet the most stringent of aesthetic demands, and Fabric Wallcraft has separated itself from the pack by exceeding those expectations time and time again.

"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

—John W. Garner

At Fabric Wallcraft, we are Committed to Life Safety!™ We strive to protect the environment by promoting and installing product lines that contribute to preserving natural resources for future generations and minimizing the environmental impact. As a company we are dedicated to...

For over 30 year Fabric Wallcraft has been the industry leader in supplying and installing acoustical architectural finishes such as acoustical fabric panel systems for walls and ceilings, stretch ceiling systems and acoustical wood veneer panels. Over the years we provided...
At Fabric Wallcraft we understand that interior lighting is essential for creating a functional and pleasing atmosphere in any environment. Light is the energy source that creates and sustains all life on the planet. Light allows all of us to reach our full potential at home and at work...
At Fabric Wallcraft we understand the importance of providing tailored solar control solutions for interior spaces according to your individual needs. This is why we offer a wide selection of products, styles, colors and options for light control, privacy, energy efficiency, and UV...

Why Choose Us?

  • 30 years experience providing State-of-Art acoustic design solutions
  • Licensed, bonded, insured contractor
  • Small Business Enterprise / Veteran Owned
  • Expert Project Management Team
  • Skilled Installation Crew
Barrisol Cirque Boutique

The Cirque Boutique is highlighted by a colored Barrisol® shape that illuminates the space and whose changing colors create a new... Read more